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Related post: Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 02:14:12 +0100 From: Linda Olatunji Subject: Renee and child young porn Jessica part 4Disclaimer: This is complete fiction and any resemblance to real life occurrences is simply coincidental (but anyone who has can turn into a wolf or has magical powers one word awesome). This work is the sole property of the owner ... me, you can have it for personal use but if you want to broadcast it or whatnot my email is above umm this is about two women so if you don't like that kind of stuff, my mind cannot begin to fathom how you got this far... other than that enjoy :D Chapter 4: The Guardian with a Broken Heart If I had told her would things have been different or would it have happened sooner? I watched as she ran like the wind too fast for even me to see. I wanted to kill Miriam in that instant, her and her family galleria youngest had hated the council since as far back as I can remember for reasons unknown to me but I had grown to naked young girls despise her over the years. "You, you did this, why?" I asked through my tears trying desperately to young hairless boys control my rising temper. "Firstly because I hate you, and all you and your wretched council stand for, and secondly because she porn young old belongs to our people she's not going to be another puppet you can control and thirdly you heard her youngest incest yourself you're a liar and now I have a wolf to catch no thanks to you, she really is amazing though isn't she, I'm going to love getting to know her," she said with an evil grin. That was my undoing; I lunged for the bitch with everything I had inside me. She was within my grasp before she disappeared and repapered three feet in front of me. "Temper, temper," she tutted waving her finger anal young in the most patronizing manner, then she disappeared leaving me there stunned into silence. When did she become so powerful and why did she speak about the council like we are the ones that are evil, I was going to get porn youngest little nonnude young fucked answers and I was going to get them now.Gathering myself and preparing myself for the meeting of my life I thought of nothing but my father and no sooner I was in the council's headquarters. I stood before the large doors guarded by two large soldiers that led to the meeting room. With nothing but sheer determination I proceeded to walk towards it."Lady Cornish you cannot enter, there is a meeting in session," the beefy guardian said blocking my path but I would not be deterred especially not by him."Get the hell out of my way Damian or I will move you funlumpkins young ru myself," I replied channelling my fury through my eyes. I saw the young hairless nudes fear take him as he quickly side stepped. I pushed nude youngh boys the heavy doors open to be met by seven shocked stares. "You all look at me in shock and dismay when I am the one who was shocked and dismayed by not to being allowed to follow alphaville forever young my charge any further into the oak lands what the hell is going young hottie on!" I boomed not caring that I was in the presence of magical royalty."How dare you--" Cornelius one of the leaders fumed but I cut him off. I was fully aware my father's eyes were on mine but I didn't care."Miriam of the Donatella tribe refused me entry taking Renee with her, speaking of severing ties with the council, is that even young ******** lavalife fucking possible?" I asked still seething young hairy from the previous events."You will watch your mouth in front of this council," a voice I recognized as my father's yelled at me. My usual response would have been a heartfelt apology but I'd lied one lie too many today, so I simply met him with youngest in porn my unmoving gaze until he finally let out a breath of defeat. "We understand your shock, we have not been completely honest with you, and maybe it's time we should be" my father began"Dante that is not your decision to make," Cornelius interrupted but soon shut up when my head snapped to look at him."Five hundred years ago the first Elemental Wolf surfaced, Sheila Magena, she was ferociously powerful we fought side by side with her against the underworld that is until she fell in love with her guardian, Dominique Donatella," my father said and I began to put the pieces together."I'm guessing it didn't naked youngest cuties end well for either young naked bodies of them, that would explain Miriam's hatred," I interjected."Too right my daughter it's messy business a guardian and charge being in love, we demanded that Dominique end their love dirty young nymphs affair and never see her again, however she refused so we took her from Sheila ... who then went blind with rage she was set on destroying us which she very well could do at her age and for what she was, however Dominique stopped her in time to save us but not herself, Sheila distraught on what had occurred gave up her immortality to the nyx of the sea and turned into dust," she could hear the pain in her father's voice and she could see the regret in many of the other elders eyes but not in all of them."We had to do, what we had to do," Cornelius interrupted the thoughts of solemn minds."That's bullshit I am asking you to abolish that rule right now," Jessica cut in again. Her request was followed by gasps from the leaders and then quiet hardcore young sex muttering until her father's voice cut in."That was three centuries before your birth youngest asian sex what young latin pussy does it have to do with you now?" my father verry young gallery asked. I had a choice I could tell him I was falling for my charge or I could go with young squirting the easier option."Miriam hates us because you and your need to control peoples destinies was the catalyst to her ancestors death, appease her and her family and let peace rein, or would you like to start a war now that they have an elemental shifter on their side" I said as dramatically possible."She speaks the truth," Eric one of the elders spoke up."So what we anal sex young should appear to be weak in the face of danger and bend a rule that has been around for millennia?" Cornelius interjected. There were murmurs and arguing until my father cut them all of."This is not something to be decided on a whim we will speak free youngporn pictures about everything that has occurred in more depth and as for your request Jessica that will also be discussed, we excuse you from our council," he said sternly and I left, going straight back to the oak lands.I stood on the grassy plane where Renee, Miriam and I had stood not young ilegal xxx so long ago and began my search for my wolf.***ReneeI don't know how long I'd been running but my heart rate began to slow down and I then felt my body become tired as I slumped into the dirt back to my human form."That was amazing how did you stay in your form so long," Miriam had been following me the whole time I'd felt her presence but I'd been so occupied with being angry at Jessica I hadn't really paid her youngsex password any mind."Is there a time limit for how long I can stay shifted" I asked not really caring about the answer."I've seen the memories through my father the sister to Dominique your ancestor Sheila Magena's lover, she could only perform the change for young teens mpeg ten minutes at most before her ceremony," Miriam told me."I have a gay ancestor, if my mother knew this information, oh the irony," I muttered before standing upon the soggy muddy ground."We could do the same ceremony for you and teach you all about your real heritage," she said softly, I looked into her blazing green eyes I could see the same traces of excitement that I had once seen in Jessica's."I did all of this for her, because she asked me to, making empty promises, fuck that shit I'm going home," I said feeling utterly defeated."You are home Renee, and as for you doing all that shit for her, you should have done it young porn torrents for yourself, discovered there are people who are also family who girls young black will love you for who you are," she young illegal movies said moving closer to me from the patch of green grass she stood on."Fuck you, whoever you are, no, I should have said no to Jessica and I should be saying no to you, but Jessica saved me from demons I would be dead now if it wasn't for her, it's been a great trip but I'm going back to my dorm," I told her dusting the mud off my naked young amateurs body young cp porno and looking around to try retrace my steps and find my clothes."Well that's where you're wrong, you've been on little young babes my young transvestites naked radar for a long time I've been watching you and if I remember correctly when you were about to die time slowed, young rompl toplist giving you enough time to grab Jessica, I don't mean to brag but yeah that was me," she said flicking her hair over her shoulder and smiling. It young teen nn was a pretty smile, but wait wasn't it a pretty smile that got me into this mess."Fine, lets go but I'm not going anywhere until you put clothes on me," I said starting to feel a bit shy about being naked in front of someone else for the second time in a row."Sure thing," she said taking a quick glance over my naked form. I saw her grin then clothes appeared and she began to lead the way. I knew my face was still muddy and I looked a trampy Body builder young mess but this was how the people where going to have to take me.The walk wasn't long, the forest led to a wall with huge young virgin teenz gates, they opened when Miriam and I approached.It was beautiful it was like a city made out of the forest. Trees somehow shaped into houses and buildings it was enchanting really. People and animals bustled around chattering excitedly.For the next few monster young teenies hours Miriam showed me around the town and slowly but surely intrigue won over and I pushed the idea of going home aside.It had been a good few hours since we entered the oak anal young cuties lands she had shown me all tiny young porno the sights and it was weird but they all felt somewhat familiar, as if I'd dreamt about this place."Now I'll take you to the training grounds, I can't seem to put it of any longer," Miriam said with a tired sigh."Why what's wrong with the training grounds?" I asked young teen seeing the genuine worry on her face."Some of the freepicsveryyoungkidsteen men are lecherous, we don't have as many women fighters as we use to and the ones we do have train on a different day to the men, come you'll soon see what I'm talking about," she said motioning for me to follow. I could hear the clinking of young interacial porn swords before I young teen gangbang could see the battle ground and it was then I noticed my senses were getting keener.When we got there Rubicam and young what I saw was close to incredible men spread across the field in groups of ten, practising groups of young naked xxx combat and there were groups of animals or should youngpics nude I saw prides of different big cats.As I watched in awe four men in a group approached us."Miriam good to see you how is your father," the largest of young naturist teen the four said. He was well built wearing the biggest youngest underground pussy chest plate of the four."Good to see you General Cain, he is well and sends his wishes. I would like you to meet Renee Magena a descendant of Sheila Magena, she has inherited her ancestors Shifter abilities, a ceremony must be prepared I have seen her perform half the shift and last in that form for two hours," Miriam explained to the General who looked incredulous.I felt my cheeks go hot the three other men had the same look on their faces; however they didn't turn to smiles of adoration like the General they turned to looks of scorn and utter disbelief."Well that is truly amazing, I remember training Sheila she was truly amazing and also stubborn as hell," he said with a grin, which seemed contagious because I found myself grinning. young schoolgirl sex "So let me ask you Renee do you want to have the ceremony performed so you can shift young seventeen babes to your full form and learn any other forms you may be capable of?" he asked with and intense look on his face. It was at that moment I realised I wanted to do nothing more Die we young than that."It would be honour to have exploited young girls this ceremony performed as long as you tell me all the details about it and don't lie to me," I replied realising I was once again putting my trust in people I'd known for less than twenty-four hours and praying to God they wouldn't break my trust."Lying is not in our nature, hot young perteen our people are known to be brutally honest," one of the three men spat my way."Very true," the general gently added. I don't know what it was about the man but young guys porn I knew I could trust him, he Gallery pussy young had a fatherly glow about him, as for the other three I had a strange feeling we would butt heads in the near future."Then tell me what I have to do and let's get this party started," I chimed. Then general let out a hearty laugh that practically warmed my heart."Well I will leave you with my three lieutenants as I must begin to make arrangements for the ceremony, it will be a joyous occasion," he final said leaving us with the three men."Aren't you going to introduce us, Miriam" one of them spat as soon as the general left. With a young nude tgp tight lip and young sexy preeteens squinted eyes she introduced the three men."Riddick, Jonas and Condor meet Renee Magena our new elemental shifter," she said with a pride that for the first time made me feel important."An elemental shifter, really?" the skinny Riddick mocked stepping forward looking me over."Doesn't look like much to me," Jonas nude young angles said sweet young teenys with a voice young reverie higher than mine."Jesus how old is he, has his balls even dropped yet ... `doesn't look like much' look who's talking," I interjected, warranting a giggle from Miriam."How dare younger virgins you speak to my brother like that you irritating little mutt," Condor spoke up in the most condescending tone I'd heard since ... last week when I spoke to my father on the phone. The anger Kwang young chun flared and Soo young my instincts were telling me to go for the throat. As lunged young cock sucker a soft yet strong hand stopped me mid attack."Don't, they want you to attack them, they want you to seem like a crazy uncontrollable dog, which you are not," Miriam whispered to me, and I saw it the anticipation, the excitement in their eyes."You know, you guys should be careful, I hear the hounds come out at night, might young lola naked chew your face off," I said with a smile showing them my teeth."Oh Renee what big teeth you have," Miriam said with a youngest pissing girls smile joining in the game."All the better to eat them with," I snarled sharply, they suddenly recoiled as I felt my wolf self surface petite young girls and felt the glow in my eyes."How the hell," Condor gasped."Not that it is any of your business, but she can perform part of the change and we are trying to arrange a ceremony for tonight young angel tgp and that's where you three semi-competent fool come in, young teenagers sex alert the high shaman and the you know what else needs to be done," the youngest xxx Miriam explained in a stone cold voice."A ceremony takes months of preparation, how do you expect us to do it with a few hours notice?" Riddick asked with a few hours notice."Come up with something, the general wants its done so get it young nude land done, I am going to show our beautiful guest around some more," Miriam said giving them a blatant little young lolas fake smile, and taking my hand gently in hers and pulling fucking young girl me away from them but not before I gave them an evil glare.Jessica It was nightfall when I reached the gates to the wooden city. The doors didn't recognize girls porno young me as they usually did and so therefore I young lezbo would have to use magic to enter. I disappeared and reappeared into the city. The people were busier than usual, bustling around for what looked like a shifters ceremony. I should have known they would give her a ceremony as soon as possible.I made my way through the city cloaked until I reached their training grounds which had been transformed. There was a huge crowd of people which made it easier for me to remain hidden. I then saw a huge tent and a smaller one beside it. I knew the high shaman would be in the tent younger smol nude the size of a large hut and Renee would be in the small one. Gently pushing my way through hiding in the shadows I made my way to the tent. I didn't know what I was going to say to her, for the secret young porno first time I had no plan for affirmative action, but I knew I had to speak with her, or try to speak very young slut with her at least. very youngest girls I could see two shadows in the tent as I got closer and I knew one of those shadows would be Miriam."Are you nervous?" I heard her ask."Extremely nervous, I didn't realise so many people would show up, what if I do or say the wrong thing?" I heard Renee reply. It had only been a day I had spent away from her but it felt longer and hearing her soft yet strong voice young porn pix made my heart flutter."It's been centuries since we had young cute ladys a ceremony for an elemental, your ancestor Sheila Magena was the last, you are a blessing, very special and very loved and lollipop tgp young don't worry you don't really have to say much and you couldn't do the wrong thing because the only thing you have to do is be yourself," I heard Miriam say softly to her. I felt a pang of jealousy; I should be the one comforting her."Will it hurt? I mean, well the first time I half shifted it hurt like hell but the second time earlier today it didn't hurt so much, will it be different?" Renee asked I could hear the fear in her voice I wanted nothing more than to hold her."I promised I wouldn't lie to shana young you, from my father's memories Sheila looked like she was in agony but as soon as she completed the change she was empowered in such a magnificent young nude ladys way I don't think the pain mattered to her. Just remember you are doing this for yourself to achieve your full potential, to be who you're born to be," as Miriam spoke I saw her shadow moving closer to Renee. I controlled myself as I felt this need to burst in there and smack the living shit out of Miriam, I knew what she was doing, but I needed to speak to Renee alone.As she stepped into personal space territory, the silence free nude young intensified and I held my breath."Okay," Renee finally spoke while taking a step back, bringing a young cuties smile to my face."Well I should get going, I'll go check if everything is ready and I'll be back shortly for you and the ceremony can begin," Miriam quickly said before leaving. I watched her disappear before I entered the tent.She had her back to me, I watched as she ran her hands through her hair and let out a sigh. As I opened my mouth to speak she spun around. I watched the emotional rollercoaster in her eyes. The look of surprise was first and then came the look of anger."What the hell young dutch sex are you doing here?" she asked the rage fine young cannibals evident in her voice."Renee I just want to talk, please hear me out, let young thumbs video me explain," I pleaded."Why should I listen to you? So you can tell me more lies," she replied but it was no longer anger in her voice it was hurt."No," I said taking steps closer to her. "I should have told you before, I just wanted you so much, young smal ass I was scared you would say young hairless girls no," I said to her."So you omitted important details, young strawberry girls and maybe I young kiddy jpg wouldn't have gone for you but with good reason from what I've heard, it didn't end well for my ancestor Sheila did you know about her and her guardian?""No I didn't, I just found out. Look Renee I know I've made a mess of things but I will fix it, I want to be young schoolgirls with you I don't care about the council or their stupid rules I just care about you please let me fix this," I spoke still getting closer until there was little space between us."I don't know Jessica, I told you the one thing I can't stand is lies, how can I trust you again?" she choked."I will prove it to you, and I will never lie to you ever again I promise," I said softly searching her eyes briefly before leaning in to do what I'd been thinking about all day. She didn't pull away or push me away she simply closed her eyes and parted her lips. As soon as our lips touched, I felt a rush of butterflies as she responded to my kiss. Her hands became tangled young little slut in my hair as I pulled her into me. I was on fire until it was suddenly doused; she broke the kiss stepping away from me."I won't lie to you, no one has ever made me feel the way you do, it's like I can't control myself around you but I have to be smart, I can't open myself up to you like that again ... I think I need some time," she said not looking me in the eye. My chest tightened and I felt myself being choked by tears."Renee ..." I began but was cut off by the irritating voice of Miriam."What are you doing here?" I heard her venomous tone and spun around. This day was just about to get shittier.End of Part 4Thanks for reading and all the comments so far. I'm sorry this instalment took so long but life kept getting in the way but still let me know what you think and if it's worth continuing.
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